The Problems with Writing about Men and Sex

What feelings do you have when you read the phrase ‘Men and Sex’?

What about the phrase ‘Old Men and Sex’?

Most of us have plenty of feelings and opinions – and judgments! Many of them are negative.

With such a loaded subject: How does it feel to me to write about men and their sexuality?

I chose to do that. Rather it chose me. Some things in life we don’t see coming. Then, suddenly, we realize that we have a mission and a purpose. And we cannot not speak out. What is like that in your life?

What got me to this mission: I believe that mid-life men are an underserved community when it comes to useful and serious information for giving them – and their partners – best sex ever. It may sound crazy to even go for that goal. Everyone knows that you only have great sex when you are young and beautiful and do not have back pain, not when you are older.

And also, it is amazing how many senior citizens are having the best sex of their lives, even though sex may have been good before. But now it is even better!

Many mid-life women tell me that they are more sexually desirous than they expected to be at this age. And they wish for men who can meet them in the erotic world.

You probably already know: There’s more how-to info about that topic in my Daily Cialis book.

Two main points about writing about men and sex:

My writing is unusual because it takes that topic seriously. And also because the purpose is not to sell another crazy trendy miracle supplement. My writing also is not sensationalist. It is meant to speak directly to the men and women’s brains and hearts to make their lives truly better. And these things do not make headlines nor sound bites.

And also, I find notice that my guard is up about this topic. It is so very easy to diss this topic and all who broach it. These reactions happen all the time. It is so tempting for many people to automatically become completely self-righteous and negative.

The default reaction among the mainstream media is to make jokes and and to denigrate men’s sexuality. These kind of reactions would not be tolerated against any other group in our society right now.

The dirty old man stereotype sadly is alive and well. Who says older men should not have the sex that makes them happy? And why do I feel the need to follow that sentence with ‘as long as it does’t hurt anyone else’? Why is there a common assumption that older men’s sex is not a good thing for others? There is some strong negative stereotyping going on here. Would we use those two phrases consecutively when talking about women?

The book ‘Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say’ by Warren Farrell covers this topic beautifully and thoroughly. There is so much that cannot be said out loud these days because it is not politically correct.

In summary: I feel vulnerable when putting out my information for middle-aged men. However, my mission of creating better connections and better physical and mental health via improved male sexuality is so important. So I’ll keep on truckin’!