What does this blog give you?

I’m Dr Erika. I am a medical doctor who specializes in you, the midlife man!
And you, the man’s partner!

Welcome to my blog for: Midlife Men – And Those Who Love them

The purpose of this blog:
– Best Sex Ever for midlife men, and their partners
– No more midlife men suffering in silence
– Enriching your life in varied and surprising ways

How can you, the man in midlife, have Best Sex Ever for yourself and your partner?
Which sexual problems do you want solved?
What do you need to have Your Best Life Ever?

For the women:
How can you create Your Best Sex Ever and your best relationship with your midlife man?

This is what my readers and patients say on a regular basis:
‘I am back on top of my game!’
‘My life went from black and white to color!’
‘You gave me my life back!’
‘You turned the clock back 20 years!’
‘My partner and I are having the best sex of our lives, at this time in our lives. We never guessed that this was possible!’
‘You know, you changed my life!’
If you want these successes for yourself, then you are in the right place!

For Your Best Sex Ever, we will tackle these problems:
– Erectile dysfunction in its varied manifestations, ED
– Lack of libido or sexual desire
– Sexual performance anxiety
– Difficulty in reaching orgasm
– Coming before you want to, or premature ejaculation
– Andropause: middle age decline in many ways
– Prostate problems: bladder and urination issues
– Not getting enough sex

Do you experience these problems?
– Male depression and anxiety, ‘manxiety’
– Lack of confidence
– Lack of drive or goal orientation
– Lack of motivation to work out
– Poor results from work outs
– Tired of being single and alone
– Jealousy
– Worrying / thinking about affairs
– Worry about physical changes due to aging
– Lack of energy
– Too much stress

For these problems, I will give you solutions that are:
– Scientifically proven
– Proven to work in real life
– Proven to work for the men in my medical practice
– Practical
– Affordable
– Safe

You will learn:
– How to use Cialis and Viagra correctly
– How to use Daily Cialis
– About the amazing safety of Cialis and Viagra
– How to deal with the side effects of Cialis and Viagra
– About the many health benefits of Cialis and Viagra
– How to enjoy and manage porn
– How to exercise for better sex
– How to give women what they need and want
– The truth about testosterone

You will receive tools for Your Best Life Ever:
– Fulfillment in your life, your dreams, your goals, and your bucket list
– More positive moods: How to feel good in your skin
– How to have more success and more fun with women
– Better physical shape and stamina
– More effective work outs
– Keeping your weight optimal, without misery
– Information about hormones: such as thyroid, the bonding hormone oxytocin, and others

You will read about topics that keep your brain alive and engaged:
– How to have more fun and excitement in your life
– How to enrich your world and your intellect
– How your environment affects your physiological well being
– Cool topics in science, architecture, art, engineering, food, fun, and adventure
– Topics to improve your life and your outlook
– A stimulated brain makes a happy man, and that is sexy!

What you will not get in this blog:
– No woo woo stuff
– No guilt tripping about being imperfect
– No stuff that sounds good but does not work
– No stuff that makes money for someone else but does not work
– No boring stuff
– No stuff that is not proven by hard science
– No wasting your time

Nuts and bolts:
This blog will be posted at random times.

About Erika Thost MD:
She has had decades of experience as a medical doctor and a teacher of sexuality. Her medical practice is dedicated to enhancing mid-life health and sexuality for men. And their partners.
She is a leading expert in optimal sexual function and dynamic vitality for middle aged men.
She graduated from Dartmouth Medical School. Her private practice is in Santa Barbara, CA. Her patients are all over.