Healthy, Upbeat, and Energetic during COVID

How are you doing in this scary – and exciting – new world of Covid?

I know this is a crazy time
You’re likely feeling stress and confusion

My thoughts have been with you:
‘What do you need from me at this time of Covid?’

You will receive 3 key points to stay healthy and happy.
Then you will learn my method for stepping into the virtual world for fun and profit! With 3 of my courses.

3 key points to stay healthy, upbeat, and energetic:
1) Really essential to get outside, every day!
Even if it is raining and cold!
For a walk / bike ride / run / hike / what else can you think of?
Even – literally – a walk around the block. Or maybe 2 blocks.
Bonus effect: You may see people and neighbors ….

2) Give and get human connection
Happiness guru Laurie Santos says that if you talk to a stranger, it makes you happier for the whole rest of the day.
It works even if you just have a brief interchange on your walk – at social distance – with a smile and ‘Great day to be outside, isn’t it!’

3) Connect with kids, partners, and yourself:
Give the right kind of shoulder rub:
Only dig in with your fingers at the back of the shoulders.
Never at the front cuz that hurts.