During Covid: Survive and Thrive


How are you doing in this scary – and exciting – new world of Covid?

I know this is a crazy time
You’re likely feeling stress and confusion

My thoughts have been with you:
‘What do you need from me at this time of Covid?’

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You will receive 3 Key points to stay healthy and happy.
Then you will learn my method for stepping into the virtual world for fun and profit! With 3 of my courses.

3 Key points to stay healthy, upbeat, and energetic:
1) Really essential to get outside, every day!
Even if it is raining and cold!
For a walk / bike ride / run / hike / what else can you think of?
Even – literally – a walk around the block. Or maybe 2 blocks.
Bonus effect: You may see people and neighbors ….

2) Give and get human connection
Happiness guru Laurie Santos says that if you talk to a stranger, it makes you happier for the whole rest of the day.
It works even if you just have a brief interchange on your walk – at social distance – with a smile and ‘Great day to be outside, isn’t it!’

3) Connect with kids, partners, and yourself:
Give the right kind of shoulder rub:
Only dig in with your fingers at the back of the shoulders.
Never at the front cuz that hurts.

Dr Erika’s method for your start in the virtual world for fun and profit:
Create your own online course – the easy way.
I want to talk about why and how you can easily do that:
I really do believe this will help you, especially at this time!

New, exciting, effective: Teaching via text messages!

1) Covid: Create Your Course
 – How to Get Started on Your Own Virtual Course
Why would you want to teach a virtual course?
This new online world is exploding so fast!
How will you survive and thrive?

Are you curious?
– How you can share what you know to help others?
– How you can get started making money on the internet?
– How you can revel in the joy and fulfillment of radical self-expression?

Did you know?
– You make more money with a course, with way less work, than writing a book.
– You only need your laptop. Or even just your phone.
– You do not need to make videos nor fancy graphics.
– Arist created a special link for much better pricing for me to give my students, for when you go to sell your courses.
– You do not need to spend any money to make money.
– You can start *right now*

In this course you will learn:
– How to use the special link that Arist created for me for a different and better pricing structure for you selling your courses.
– How this platform works for you to teach via texting.
– How to find a topic to teach. Yes, you are knowledgeable in something!
– How to write the Daily Concept lessons for this platform.
They are easy to write – only 2 phone screens long!
– How to write the lessons correctly so they fit into the platform without problems.
– How to actually get the writing done!
– 10 day course

Link for introductory price:
33% off. $40 instead of $60. Valid for 24 hours.
Sign up on your phone only (not lap top)

For your work:
Would you like a course specifically geared for your profession?
To guide you in creating courses for your type of clients.
Email me – I’ll create one for your line of work!

Here is my offering of courses for you:

Links for your discounts above and below.
Sign up on your phone only (not lap top)

Here’s how it works:
– Each day you’ll receive one concise reading explaining a concept, in a text message.
– There will be a question, for you to answer and text back.
– Then you get a brief response, with more cool info.
– Expect to spend no more than 4 to 8 minutes on this each day.

2) During Covid: Work at Home for Men
Work for you may or not be a job.
You may be working in other ways:
– To help others
– For radical self-expression
– To explore ways for prosperity in this new virtual world

This course gives you:
– Feel full of energy
– Amp up your production at work
– Please your partners in the bedroom and beyond
– Get in better shape
– Enjoy your time with family and friends
– Create a balanced life: private / family / work
– 15 day course

This course is focused on men since that is my Specialty for my Medical Practice.
Women: However it works beautifully for women too!

Your discount link for Work at Home: 
40% off. $25 instead of $40. Valid for 24 hours.
Sign up on your phone only (not lap top)

3) During Covid: Your Weight Loss Is Your Gain!
Men: Re-Engineer Your M.O. for a Fit Body plus Energy During Covid

Your and my mission as we work as a team :
– Get you the body you’ve always wanted!
– Make your body a magnet for your lovers
– Be proud of your body

‘I have tried a variety of weight loss programs…..never before have I ever felt they were life changing.  This program IS life changing.’
Jason W.

Do you know how to:
– Exercise effectively for weight loss?
– Keep up your energy?
– Detect true hunger?
– Recognize when you feel satisfied?
– Figure out what makes you so happy that it’s easy to eat lightly?
– Not eat out of habit?
You will gain competence in all those fields!
14 day course

This course is focused on men since that is my Medical Specialty.
Women: However it works beautifully for women too!

Your discount link for Your Weight Loss:
40% off. $25 instead of $40. Valid for 24 hours.
Sign up on your phone only (not lap top)

My best wishes for health and well being for you!
Dr Erika

Erika Thost MD
Courses: DrErika.arist.co
Yes, that is spelled correctly, no ‘m’  🙂