Get your life back!

Men, enjoy robust health & sexual vitality at any age.

Dr. Erika Thost is a medical doctor who specializes in bio-identical hormones and anti-aging medicine for men.

Her mission, and her passion, is to help men regain their youthful energy and vibrant sexuality. To get back on top of their game, in sex and in life.

Combining a scientific approach with integrative medicine, Dr. Thost focuses on bio-identical hormones, Daily Cialis, supplements, and other modalities such as
therapeutic prostatic massage. A best-of-all-worlds treatment regimen that
no one else provides.

It’s easy. It’s affordable. And it works!


Have your best sex ever right now!

Dr Erika’s Program for Men gives you a unique, proven treatment for improving your sexual function, prostate health and confidence:

Private Practice Treatment Plan: Monthly program includes hormone level assessments, medical exams and a personalized treatment plan.

  • From anywhere in the California via video conferencing such as Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.
  • In person in her Santa Barbara office. Includes optional Therapeutic Prostatic Massage TPM

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Midlife Men, Check Yourself:

  • If you have erection problems or ED
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  • If your sexual desire has dropped
  • If you are having bladder and prostate problems
  • If you are worried whether Cialis is safe for you
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Are you the wife or girlfriend of a mid-life man?

Do you want these things?

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After reading this book, you will know:

  • How the concept of Daily Cialis can work for you.
  • How to use it safely and effectively
  • How to have the best sex of your life now – even in your 50’s and 60’s and beyond – really!
  • Like you never expected when you were young.
  • How to invest in your future sexual function.
  • Make the future you proud of the present you by taking action.
  • The truth about the myths that you worry about.

Do you know?

  • How to take Cialis so it doesn’t spoil the sexy moment?
  • The many ways that Cialis is good for your over-all health?
  • What to do if it does not work?
  • How to take it for the very best results?
  • The difference between Viagra and Cialis

What Dr Erika’s patients say about Daily Cialis:

  • You turned the clock back 20 years!
  • Thank you for giving me my life back!
  • I had forgotten how good it feels to feel good!
  • My life went from black and white back to living color.
  • I never expected to be having Best Sex Ever at my age!

“You’re in for a treat with Dr Erika Thost’s new book! She has a truly deep and delightful perspective on life, well-being, sex, – and men. I don’t know how she does it, but she really understands what it’s like to be male. Bravo to that! Dr Erika Thost’s Daily Cialis book belongs on your bedside table as a must-read.”
-James Herriot, Ph.D.

“Good to see a woman of passion looking to enhance the lives of men as we age. Pleasure has been disdained by most religious traditions even while they admit God created pleasure. So acknowledging pleasure and passion that does not have to end with the tick of the clock is returning to the oldest truth: God said it was Good.”
-Art Andrews, Priest

“I think what Dr. Erika Thost is doing for midlife and older men is amazing! Her work for prostate problems is great. Her new book on Daily Cialis for men will help so many men, women, and couples! ”
-Barbara Keesling, Ph.D.
Author of Men in Bed and Sexual Healing

“A powerful book that will truly change your life! About this crucial topic for men: Everything you need to know is in this book! ”
-Thomas Reaper MD

“Daily Cialis allows a more spontaneous and natural expression of desire and passion. ”
S.B., MD

“This book is a wonderful resource! It combines up-to-date medical information, the expertise of an experienced doctor in her field, and a sex positive and fun perspective on Men’s Sexual Health in midlife and beyond. ”
Michaela Boehm, Intimacy Teacher and Author of Wild Woman’s Way

“Since I am a somatic sex educator, Daily Cialis caught my attention. At first I was skeptical, but then astonished and grateful when Dr. Thost’s information about Daily Cialis helped me to reclaim my senior citizen sex life.”
-Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

“Dr. Erika’s book combines honesty and systemic thinking with the medical practice of sexuality – A rare treat. ”
Russell Haber Ph.D.

“In my practice I constantly see how erectile dysfunction is such a devastating problem for so many men and their partners. Here, finally, is a solution that is scientific, safe, and easy to do! I’m thrilled we now have a pathway to their finding sexual satisfaction.”
-Patti Britton, PhD, Clinical Sexologist, Co-Founder of SexCoachU.com

Online Program

Dr Erika’s For Men: On Top of His Game. A course about How you can have Sexual Vitality at Any Age: Ways can boost your virility before deciding on a hormone-based treatment plan.

“Thank you for giving me my life back!”

––  Anthony G., Los Angeles

Dr. Erika offers proven medical solutions for:

  • Andropause (Male Menopause)
  • Sexual Issues such as ED (Impotence) and Low Libido (Low Sexual Desire)
  • Prostate Health Issues
  • Low hormone levels
  • Depressed Moods and Anxiety
  • Weight Concerns
  • Low Energy
  • Physical issues due to Aging

Imagine being able to…

  • Be ready for sex any time – no need to plan 3 hours in advance
  • Regain the sexual confidence of your youth
  • Conquer depression, improve your moods and re-charge your relationships
  • Be able to please your partner
  • Synergize your testosterone supplements with Daily Cialis
  • Achieve stronger, longer lasting erections
  • Promote prostate health
  • Prevent and improve bladder problems
  • Feel as healthy and energetic as you did decades ago

Declining sexual ability and health is NOT an inevitable part of growing older.

It’s actually surprising easy to turn the clock back on sexual function and prostate problems, and enjoy improved moods, health and relationships.

Dr, Erika’s custom science-based bio-hormone treatment has worked for men throughout America. It can work for you, too.

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