Erika Thost MD

Get your life back!
How would it feel to be in your best powerful health?

Erika Thost MD is dedicated to helping both men and women find their youthful
vitality and dynamic performance.  By combining a scientific approach with holistic medicine, Dr. Erika offers medical care for:

Andropause (Male Menopause)
Sexual Issues such as ED and Low Libido (Low Sexual Desire)
Prostate Health Issues
Bio-Identical hormones 
Depressed Moods and Anxiety
Effective Weight Loss
Low Energy


Physical issues due to Aging 

Getting older is inevitable, feeling older is optional!

Interesting Information:
Hormonophobia by Abraham Morganthaler MD:
"Negative media stories touting testosterone's risks appear fueled by antipharma sentiment, anger against aggressive marketing, and antisexuality. This stance is best described as 'hormonophobia'. The true outrage is that social forces and hysteria have combined to deprive men of a useful treatment without regard for medical science."

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