The Program

Dr Erika’s Vibrant Body / Vital Mind Weight Management Program

  • I have tried a variety of weight loss programs…..never before have I ever felt they were life changing. This program IS life changing. Jan B.

Diets don’t work!
Life changes do work!

  • when they are the exact right ones for *you*
  • when they make your life richer and more fun instead of deprived

In this course you will identify them and practice them.

People don’t fail diets – diets fail people!

With this program, there are:

  • No restricted foods – any food is okay to eat (or not)
  • No dieting, no suffering
  • You learn to comfortably shift your mind set
  • Happier choices without stress
  • A fun journey for you: a most rewarding experience for you in your life

You receive a breadth of topics that don’t exist in any other program or book – this program goes deeper.

  • Anxious eating and stress reduction
  • The one quick fix that actually works
  • The myth of exercise
  • The myth of drinking water
  • How to identify your true favorite foods – and eat them regularly
  • Should you do a cleanse?
  • How relationships and sex make a difference
  • You can have wine or beer or coffee, if you wish
  • Treating yourself with kindness
  • The use of dietary supplements

A course to live your life fully while eating lightly and happily!

You will receive information and support every single week.

An email full of learning and inspiration arrives in your inbox every week for 52 weeks. Each lesson contains a section to read plus optional activities plus optional videos and further reading.

You do the program at home, at your own schedule and convenience.

Regular price: $465.00 for the year
ONLINE PRICE $100 discount so the total is $365 if you sign up today. Only $1 per day!


After signing up, please email me at

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Please note that there are no guarantees and **no refunds**.
The reason: you will be given many tools for balanced and happy eating. These tools have worked well for many many people – however only for those who use them.

The lessons from me are copyrighted so please do not forward them to anyone.